Dear Users:

To celebrate the successful launch of BGG on BitZ, we make a welfare package for all B itZ users.


The details are as follows:

[Activity 1. Reward for DepositShare 200 million BGG]

Time: 11:00,April 8, 2021-16:59,April 14,2021 HKT

Rewards Pool: 200 million BGG


1. During the event, users who successfully deposit BGG from an external address to the platform will receive a reward of 100,000 BGG if the net deposit (deposit-withdrawal) amount is greater than or equal to 100,000 BGG;

2. Rewards will be given in the order of user deposit time, first come first served;

3. The number of deposits and withdrawals between BITZ accounts is not counted, and sub-accounts are not supported to participate in activities;

4. Users need to complete KYC Level 2 real-name authentication before 15:59 on April 15th.


[Activity 2, BZ holders, 100 million BGG airdrop benefits open]

Time: 11:00,April 8, 2021-16:59,April 14,2021 HKT

Rewards: 100 million BGG


1. Users with a BZ asset of a currency account of at least 500 can participate. Please make sure that the assets of the currency account meet the conditions in advance.

2. During the event, there will be irregular snapshots, a total of 5 times, and the holders who reach the quota during the snapshot period will be issued airdrops.

3. Users need to complete KYC1 before 15:59 on April 15th.


[Activity 3. Join the BitZ&BGG activity WeChat Group and grab a Red Envelope of 100 Million BGG]

Time: 11:00,April 8, 2021-16:59,April 14,2021 HKT

Reward: 20 million BGG+80 million BGG


1. Community airdrop activities: During the event, the assistant will send BGG coins red envelopes in the "BitZ&BGG Activity Group" WeChat group from time to time every day. The official WeChat group has a limited number of places, first come first served;

2. Invite new partners to share 50 million BGGs: Join the group and invite 10 people to join the group, and at least 5 people must register for BITZ and fill out the form to participate in the share of 80 million BGGs.

3. Participating users need to complete KYC1 before 15:59 on April 15.


[Activity 4. Overseas forwarding activities]

Time: 11:00,April 8, 2021-16:59,April 14,2021 HKT

Reward: 50 million BGG


1. First, you need to follow BitZ official Twitter and join BitZ official telegram group;

2. Forward the event page, and @three users at the same time, fill out the form to participate in the sharing of BGG rewards.

3. Users need to complete KYC2 before 15:59 on April 15.

BGG Project Information:


Full name of currency: Bgogo Token

Total issuance: 10 billion

Official website address:

White paper address:

Block browsing address:


Project introduction: BGG (Bin Gougou) is a practitioner of the culture of hidden rewards on the chain. It solves the difficulty of trusting the community's blockchain hobby group by organizing mutual aid communities, combining community activities, consulting services, and developing chain contract products. Lack of carriers, no methods, lack of self-confidence, concerns about privacy, and lack of useful tools. Based on the characteristics of the blockchain network and community, BGG can provide a richer business and ecological model.


Event Description:

1) All new and old users of the currency in BitZ can participate. For new users, please click to register the currency in BitZ and participate in the activity;

2) Event rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the event ends;

3) All activities involving swiping, forged data, etc. will be prohibited, and the participation qualification of cheating users will be cancelled;

4) The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to BitZ.


Investment risk reminder: Cryptocurrency assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations. As a neutral trading platform, BitZ is only set up to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It does not assume any guarantee or liability for the investment value of the currency. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions prudently.


Thank you for your support to BitZ!

BitZ Team

April 07, 2021

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