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Dashgold consortium plans to use SKR (safe keeping reeeeipt) to carry out settlement business with BDSG digital currency, online shopping in duty-free stores, physical gold sales, digital currency ATM business, etc. Skr (safe keeping reeipt) is the SKR (gold 100 metric tons, new Asay report BSP Mint / refinery 99.9% / 99%) issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines (banko Sentral ng Pilipinas), which has the payment guarantee of commercial banks. In particular, BDSG digital code currency is concerned about the value of settlement means in real life on the premise of bank payment guarantee.

Online shopping of duty-free shop is a real-time interaction between BDSG (beyond dashgold) and usdt to provide online duty-free shop shopping service for about 25 million users under the umbrella of Bitz exchange and Bitz union exchange. It mainly sells cosmetics, luxury goods and physical gold, with BDSG as the main settlement currency. Open duty-free shop online shopping, digital currency in physical transactions as a means of settlement of the era will come, especially look forward to.

At present, BDSG has been listed and traded on Bitz platform, creating a broader trading environment for users and making BDSG market more active.

Dashgold consortium is working with financial institutions to develop ATM business with more than 30 kinds of digital currencies, using SKR as payment guarantee. BDSG digital currency, which has stability and practicability, is expected to increase in value in the future by shopping online and exchanging conveniently through ATM.

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