About KIN

Kin was created in 2017 to use the power of blockchain and crypto to create a new ecosystem that puts developers, users, and content creators on the same team. By aligning everyone’s interests, Kin gets rid of us vs. them and replaces it with a whole new way to think about value that let’s everyone succeed together by focusing on user engagement, rather than by turning users into products.

App developers have the chance to focus on creating amazing user experiences, users get to enjoy the best apps without worrying about their data being stolen, and everyone gets to be recognized and fairly compensated for the value they create. This isn’t just a new way of doing business, it’s a new way of thinking that puts people at the center while focusing on creativity, experience, and connection.


Total currency supply:10,000,000,000,000 KIN

Market circulation:756,097,560,976 KIN

Official Website:https://www.kin.org

White paper:https://www.kin.org/static/files/Kin_Whitepaper_V1_English.pdf



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BitZ official WeChat:Bitz_888