BitZ is committed to providing global users with the best integrated digital asset trading services. We support all mainstream digital assets development.We conduct comprehensive risk control and the management and screening of high quality projects from blockchain project teams, history, products, strategies, and potentials in all aspects and dimensions. We are willing to give the options back to the market and our community traders.


BitZ community traders can participate in the new blockchain assets launch process through voting for the supported blockchain assets. Voting Entrance

At the end of the voting period, the new asset will be launched on BitZ if the vote number reaches our target and BitZ will distribute the reward for you in proportion.

Reward you will get =  (Your Vote Number / Total Vote Number) * Total Voting Reward.

If the target is not reached, the VTC will be returned in full without any additional reward.

You can learn more details through the description of the rules for each project.

If you have not joined the BitZ community

You can register as a member of the BitZ community and BitZ will occasionally issue VTC for all members of the community.

If you are a member of the BitZ community

You can log in BitZ official website, enter the voting list, and vote to support your favorite cryptocurrency. Your favorite cryptocurrency will be listed on our exchange if it reaches the target votes and you will get your corresponding reward. Voting Entrance

For Example: BTC trading area launches ETH

Target Votes:2,000,000 VTC

Bonus:1,000 ETH

Vote limit: 50 VTC - 1,000 VTC (Each trader can vote 50-1000 VTC for each project.)

If the project reaches a final vote of 2,000,000 VTC and you voted 1000 VTC for it, all you will get is 0.5ETH ((Your Vote Number / Total Vote Number) * Total Bonus);

If the final number of votes for the project is 800,000 VTC which does not reach the target, your VTC will be fully returned.

If you are a member of a new cryptocurrency team

You can fill in the "Apply to List" Form, and it will be reviewed by our business development team to assess the qualification.

The launch of voting projects need to meet but not limited to:

  • No policy risk;
  • Team core members must pass the background checks including anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, and financing;
  • Good asset quality and normal cash flow;
  • Complete business systems;
  • Fixed R&D team and long-term planning;
  • Full disclosure of project information and regular publication of development;
  • Willing to compensate for all losses and share responsibility for any investigations or penalties imposed by regulatory agencies due to the voting project;
  • Other actual demands for cryptocurrency trading.

The cancel of voting projects caused by but not limited to:

To protect the interests of BitZ community traders, BitZ reserves the right to cancel ineligible projects.

  • The cryptocurrency team initiative to request the cancel of voting project;
  • Fraudulent issuance or disclosure of false information;
  • The cryptocurrency team faces problems in their country’s laws and regulations;
  • In a certain period of time, the cumulative turnover is lower than the minimum transaction limit;
  • Other causes leading to the failure of meeting the launch requirements within the specified time limit.

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April 12, 2018