Dear traders,

BitZ has completed the global ecological layout and will open "Trading Mining" at 20:00 June 25, 2018(UTC/GMT+08:00), with a limit of 600 million BZ.

The first "Trading Mining" currencies:

BTC Market:ETH





1. "Trading Mining"

Traders who complete level 3 certification and participate in the transaction during the event will receive a refund of the transaction fee (returned in the form of equivalent BZ).

2. Each period is limited to 10 million BZ, gradually released, and the return percentage of transaction fee will be reduced by 3% after each period are completed.

For example:

In the first phase of 10 million BZ mining, 100% transaction fee will be refunded in the form of equivalent BZ;

In the second phase of 10 million BZ mining, 97% transaction fee will be refunded in the form of equivalent BZ;

And so on, gradually decreasing.

3. At the same time of mining, BitZ will promote the opening of BZ trading according to the mining power of the entire network.

4. Before opening BZ trading, BitZ will return the transaction fee according to the formula in (2); and return the transaction fee 100% in accordance with BZ real-time quote price after opening BZ trading.

5. Price calculation:

Before opening BZ trading:

1BZ = 0.158 USDT

1BZ = 1 DKKT

1BZ = (0.158 / BTC whole network price) BTC

After opening BZ trading: BZ Real-time Quoted Price

Special Note:

1. BitZ will evaluate all currencies and continuously pick high-quality trading pairs to open mining.

2. BitZ will restrict accounts with transaction fee discount to participate in mining, in order to release the welfare extremely to the majority of traders.

3. In order to ensure fairness of the entire network, BitZ will impose a small limit on the API speed and ceiling, but it will not completely prohibit it.

Hope you enjoy it!

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June 21, 2018